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This is my end-of-degree project. I consider it my best personal project to the date. It mixes three of my favourite genres: City Building, Tower Defense and RTS.

You are the Lord of a small village, your duty is to make it grow and prosper while you defend it from the waves of enemies that are constantly trying to Loot and Destroy it.

You have to be very careful with your resources, and try to use them wisely. Otherwise the enemy will destroy you really fast. You have to pay attention to Resource Buildings, Walls, Towers, Unit Buildings, Blacksmith and above all, your Main Building. If your Main Building is destroyed, you will lose. Also, you can place and improve your own units in the field and the walls to protect the weak spots, like the corners where your Towers can't shoot.


Fortress Defense.zip 156 MB


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So where does one play this? Or is it gone forever?

Cool game